FazCAN Shield

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The FazCAN Shield is a build-it-yourself kit for an Arduino shield that allows Arduino to interface with Controller Area Networks (CAN). The kit includes the circuit board and all the parts needed to assemble it.

CAN is a protocol that allows two or more microcontrollers to communicate over a single pair of wires. It was designed for and is mainly used to network the many microcontrollers in automobiles, but it works equally well for wired networks between any group of microcontrollers.

The CAN shield is ideal for a low-cost way of connecting multiple Arduinos together so that they can communicate with each other. This is perfect for sensor networks, home automation, and remote control projects. The CAN shield can also be used to listen in on existing CAN networks.

The CAN shield has several types of connections to make it adaptable to many situations. The main connectors are two RJ-45 connectors which accept both ethernet and phone cables. Please note that these connectors are not for interfacing with ethernet networks nor the phone system; they simply use the same type of cabling. Since CAN is intended to be used across twisted-pair connections, the twisted pairs of wires in phone and ethernet cables are an easy way to connect CAN modules together. By using both RJ-45 connectors, any number of FazCAN shields can be connected in a CAN network. The second type of connection is a DE-9 connector. This is intended to be used with an interface cable (not included) for connecting as a node in an existing CAN network. Finally, the shield also includes a screw-terminal block which clamps any type of wire to the shield. This allows connections to be made to any other CAN network interface.

Please note that the CAN Shield is intended for hobby use only, and should not be used in safety-critical systems. Any attempt to do so is done at the user's own risk.